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Uses of Jute Sand Bags

Jute sand bags are normally colored beige or brown and are coarse in texture. Jute sand bag has widely used in Roads and Highway, flood barrier, construction. Sand bag is also popular for Military use.Jute sand bags are also unique and exceptional for controlling weeds through putting them on the top of the soil of your gardens. They are also utilized to cover plants which are amenable to frost. The best thing about these bags is that they are eco-friendly since they are biodegradable. They could also be cut into sizes and shapes and sewn into curtain. Even fashion fanatics find lots of uses for the jute bags as they could be utilized in various accessories. With jute sand bags possibilities are endless.We are supplier and explorer of an extensive selection of Jute Sand Bags in various sizes and shapes. Our jute sand bags are made from 100 percent natural fiber.

Why Many Clients Preferred Our Jute Sand Bags?

High tearing strength
Perfect finish

Made from 100 percent natural jute fiber, they are harmless to people and environment as well. Our jute sand bags find many uses for securing riverbank from flood and erosion, in military as well as various kinds of farm works.


Weight: 40 gram to 200 gram
Material Used: 100 percent Natural Jute Fiber

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