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Oline shopping Of Jute Sack

Different quality and size of Jute sacks:

We are able to supply many type of Jute sacks as per buyer’s requirement but most commonly used jute sacks are Standard B Twill sack, Binola Twill sack, L Twill sack, Heavy cees sack, Light cees sack, A Twill sack, DW Flour sack etc.Most commonly used jute sacks size is: 44 X 26.5/ 2.25 lbs, 44×26.5/2.00 lbs, 48×28/2.25 lbs, 43×29/2.5 lbs, 43×29/2.25 lbs etc. But buyer can order various sizes according to their packaging requirement.

Jute sack bag is the most popular hydrocarbon free or Vegetable Oil Treated (VOT) and environment friendly packaging solution for agricultural industries.This jute sack bag specially made for agro based industries and has no contamination with hydrocarbon and free from kerosene and petroleum oil. This jute sack bag also popular as jute burlap bag/ Gunny bag etc.

Most commonly used jute sacks bags

Jute bag for coffee,Rice,Sugar,
Jute sacks for coffee,Wheat,Cocoa Bean
Jute sacks Bags for Hazelnut, Coffee Bean
Jute sacks Bags for construction, paddy
Jute sacks bags for corn, peanut , bean , olive ,
Jute sacks bags for cattle/poultry feed
jute sacks bags for fertilizer
Jute sacks bags for cotton
Jute sacks bags for Tobacco

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