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Jute Hessian Fabric Roll Cloth Carpet

Single warp & weft, plain weave, finer quality jute fabric


Hessian fabric is lighter than sacking fabric. It is used for packing or wrapping goods such as Cotton, Wool or construction firms as a protector. As Squares, Sheets, Liners, Tubing, Blankets, Camouflage, Wrappers, Wall Coverings, Shopping Bags, Upholstery and Home Furniture etc.

Width : from 30 inches (about 76 cms) up to 72 inches (about 183 cms)

Weight : from 7 ounces/40″ (about 198 grams/m2) up to 14 ounces (about 397 grms/m2)

Packing: In pressed and iron bound bales, or on rolls (lengths upon demand).

Burlap Cloth

All types of standard and non-standard Hessian Cloth  customer specification, and requirements. Also available in “dyed”, or “bleached” form and treated with vegetable oil, Burlap meets the latest international standards for food safety.

Jute Fabric

Jute fabric, obtained from Corchorus, is a long shiny fibrous material is spunned into long coarse threads. Jute fabrics are considered to be one of the most flexible yet durable fabric materials and are classified among the best of the fabrics.

Mat Cloth

We bring for our clients a wide range of Jute Mat Cloth that is available in various elegant and classic finishes to meet the requirements of clients. Known for strength and durability, these cloths are highly demanded across the globe.

Dyed Cloth

We have designed and developed the fresh collection Dyed Hessian Cloth, which is available in different quality, fabric and colors.

Burlap Cloth

Burlap Cloth

Our Natural Burlap Fabric is made from the best Jute material on the market (we’re not just saying that). Burlap has a wide variety of uses but mainly for decorative and utilitarian type projects

Hessian Cloth

Hessian Cloth

High Quality Roll & Ribbon Reel. Size: 30cmx10m.  Suits most chairs/ table with good length. Care Instruction – Use warm water to wash,use low heart when drying.

Jute Fabric

jute fabric

Jute fabric is an eco-friendly and completely biodegradable fabric that is created by spinning jute, a type of plant fibre, into robust, coarse threads. In pressed and iron bound bales.

Common/Standard Items:

Hessian cloth 40″-7oz/40″, 9×8 porter and shots, plain, 2000 yards per iron bound bale. 1×20′ FCL = 42 bales.

Hessian cloth 40″-10oz/40″, 11×12 porter and shots, plain, 2000 yards per iron bound bale. 1×20′ FCL = 32 bales.

Hessian cloth 45″-9oz/45″, 9×10 porter and shots, plain, 1000 yards per iron bound bale. 1×20′ FCL = 60 bales.

Hessian cloth 45″-11oz/45″, 11×12 porter and shots, plain, 1000 yards per iron bound bale. 1×20′ FCL = 50 bales.

MOQ: 1 x 20 feet container = 32/42/50/60 bales depending on quality.

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